Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stormy Night

Stormy Night

The wind howled like a coyote on the mesas. There was no rain yet but the lightening was streaking across the sky in flashes of anger. You could smell the rain coming. The dampness was in the air.
The lone ranger rode slowly down through the gully’s. His strong features were heavily shadowed by facial hair that was still growing. His tall barrel chested form leaned into the wind causing the saddle leather to creak. His horse whinnied in complaint.
“All right girl.” He said in a deep rumbling voice that sounded like rolling distant thunder. “Let’s find a place to settle down for the night.” The lone ranger looked around suddenly, looking to see where that girl had gone. “Fang, FANG!” The ranger barked out into the wind. “Where did that cursed girl get to now?” The ranger thought to himself. Suddenly as if she materialized out of the night, she appeared by his side. “I am right here.” She said to him. “Why do you get to ride? My feet hurt too from all this walking.” Fang complained to him. “Find a cave for us, please. We need to find shelter quick.” he said tiredly. Feeling the changes speeding up the ranger clutched at his stomach to keep from retching. “Are you o.k. Jack?” Fang asked, suddenly concerned.
“I’m fine.” He growled out through clenched teeth. “Just go find a cave please.” he asked trying not to show the pain he was in. “I’m sorry, its just I keep smelling all these wonderful and new scents in the air and I want to see everything! My skin itches all over, especially on my hands and feet.” Fang was complaining and excited at the same time. Jack wondered how someone could be both of those and still be going through what they were going through. They should all be terrified. But right now they just wanted to get into some shelter before it really got bad outside.

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