Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We are with a publishing company!

This is just a side note blog for those who have written stories and are fighting change or the idea that they have "written" the perfect story as is. "It doesn't need changing, its perfect the way it is." Unless you happen to be the C.E.O. of a publishing company you will have to change your book to become published with the companies and further your writing career. If you are that stuck on your book that you won't even bend or be willing to change, then think of it this way. We are rewriting our book by keeping the original and making requested changes on a new document. This way, we are keeping the original intact so we can always refer back to it. But we are forwarding our career by making changes necessary to get our books and our names out there. What is more important, the book getting out to as many readers as possible? or you keeping it the same and not getting it out? Thats the way we had to look at it.
Books that sell                                                           Books that don't sell
It felt different going back in and making changes after we had thought we were done. It felt like we were visiting a house or place we hadn't been to in many years. We had changed, would our changes in us affect the story? We didn't know. Our book had been published. Was it perfect? No. but we had done the best we could with it. Now its time for professionals to do with it what we could never do.
I had made a promise to Charlie, my son, that we would get it published and we would do our best to get it to as many people as possible. I may not be able to do a lot of things, but I will give it my all to make sure that his books become the best they can be. So if it means making the story marketable then thats what we are going to do. We have the original for future use and to know what it looked like in the beginning. Now I had better get off of here and go work on the edits needed to make the book better! Have a great  day everyone and enjoy your day~

September 11th 2001


September 11th will live on in my memory as the worst day of my life and many lives that day. It was a day of no longer feeling safe. No longer feeling like I can take on everything and help everyone. It was a day of loss, anger, shock and fear. Since then our world has changed. No longer can we take for granted our safety and freedoms. We as Americans had taken for granted that we would never be attacked. Things like that happened in other countries, not ours. Now its common place to hear of students who were to report to colleges from out of country to be trying to get to predestined cities to plot who knows what. People are trying to smuggle bombs in anyway they can.
What once was a safe place is no longer. Even here in the midwest where we always felt so safe it is no longer so.
Today we remember those who have fallen, those who fought back and those who survived their nightmare in hell that day. While we remember this let us never forget that this can and has happened in the past. When you hear the date December 7th, do you remember what happened on that day so many years ago? I was sitting in an office one day and staff was trying to figure out a day to have their Christmas party. One of the younger personel suggested December 7th. The Older Dr. said we can't have it on that day and explained why. She didn't understand. He finally said, lets put it this way, it would be like having a party on September 11th. In case you don't know what day December 7th 1941, it was the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. We have been attacked before and we can be attacked again. Not trying to start fear mongering just to get people to be aware and be observant and remember. Never forget September 11th, 2001 and never forget December 7th, 1941. Just because 60 years pass, we should never forget.


Don't let us fall into complacency so that in another 60 years this happens again. Never let us forget!