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Flurries of Words: BARGAIN BOOK: Kai's Journey by Wendy and Charles S...

Flurries of Words: BARGAIN BOOK: Kai's Journey by Wendy and Charles S...: We are happy to announce as a BARGAIN BOOK:   Kai's Journey: The New World Chronicles (The Kai and Clover Series)    by Wendy and Cha...

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Living up to "The Dash"

sorry, but for some reason I can't copy the picture onto here so you will have to click on the link and let it take you to the book.

Not long ago a friend of mine at work had me read her book. It was a short little book called "The Dash". Basically it was describing about the day we are born and the day we die on our tombstone, but what the most important part is the dash in between signifying our life. The life that we choose as to how it goes. Do we play it safe and work our whole lives just trying to keep up with the Jones'? Do we follow our dreams? Do we help others along the way? Did we bring joy into other people's lives. Its a very good book and I highly recommend reading it. But if you are a dreamer like me it can tend to push you towards doing your dream and forgetting about going to a job that pays the bills and helps keep food on the table.
You see, I'm a dreamer. I love thinking of stories, dreaming of the day when I can do this or that. Yes I play the lottery in hopes that someday. I will probably do so until they put the date at the end of my dash.
I have also been reading a piece by a friend basically about judgement day. Its a bit of tongue in cheek but it can be a serious look too at how we live our lives. It all just really makes me realize how much I love doing the writing and the marketing and everything else. Even though at times it can start to feel like a job, then something or someone will come along and make me glad all over again to be doing what I'm doing. I will keep doing the job now though because I know I have to. Unless we get one heck of a winter that strands me at the house and makes me unable to get into work, thus cause me to lose my job. I have to keep doing what I am doing. Working on the marketing and writing when I can while going to work. Even though I am a dreamer and have had my dreams dashed a few times by meeting reality. I still keep dreaming and still keep hoping. Some day, I will get to do what I love and never have to work another day in my life!

Out of my Head: Just a bit of fun

Out of my Head: Just a bit of fun: Happy Labor Day everyone. I decided to just have a little fun today and do another art post. I have worked a lot recently with drawing and w...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

G Mitchell Baker's Most Emberrassing moment, or is it?

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

I often wonder about this … I sit here, asking the question repeatedly and ponder the fact the experience of embarrassment is something I really do not recall much, if any. I ask myself, ‘Is there the type of person who does not experience embarrassment?  Am I that kind of person?’

‘Embarrassment’ can be defined as ‘to cause confusion and shame to; make uncomfortable self-conscious; disconcerted…’

Generally, I do not think I readily accept ‘embarrassment’ and have some kind of way of thinking that changes over to direct the circumstances that renders the situation other than confused or shameful … I try to keep things comfortable without being overly self-conscious…  I somewhat think of ‘embarrassment’ as a backward scenario, while I like to be forward looking … I consider ‘Okay what is the better was to view this?’  I like to turn potential negatives into a pluses by not dwelling on ‘embarrassment’ and getting after what is productive, good about the situation…

Having said as much, I have noticed, when I approach things this way, how many people try to embarrass others.  I think it’s a control tactic for many and when they cannot achieve as much with me, they back off, or back away … Sometimes I think my martial arts training and certain eastern philosophy taught within that context has something to do with my approach…   There is a lot to think about, but I’m going to leave things as they are for now.

G. Mitchell Baker enjoys living out west, from the southwest United States to western Canada. Having practiced law for more than twenty years, Baker enjoys researching and writing projects that draw him into the many genres, to include contemporary fiction, science fiction, and paranormal works of fiction. Also a writer of feature length screenplays, G. Mitchell Baker enjoys adapting his novels to screenplay and, adapting his screenplays to novels.

Baker has been fortunate to compete at the highest levels in sports to include baseball and karate.  This spirit leads to his also striving to compete at the highest levels to entertain his readership. Moreover, it is in this spirit Baker invites you to visit and re-visit his ‘Anything But a Tired Barn', and, to become familiar with his current and ongoing projects.  Please take the time to learn more about G. Mitchell Baker, his projects, and any reasonable offer for original and interesting conversation … as much will not be refused.  












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(Contemporary Fiction) (Brent House Books 2013)
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

How far we have come.

I found a very good example of how far we have come as writers. I dug up one of Charlie's stories from the beginning of our adventure and the difference in the writing between then and now! All I have to say is, wow! I read through the story line and could hear Kim Mutch Emerson in my head asking me questions such as, "who in their right mind would get out of their car to help a werewolf?" "When did they talk about that?" and my favorite one, "Show the action, don't tell it."  Believe me, no disrespect to Kim what so ever meant by these statements. She has helped us tremendously. I have all these voices in my head; Kim’s voice is helping us to write better, Charlie and his voice of telling the story. But I looked back and saw really just how far we have come.

 I encourage all who have been at this for a while to go back to a story they started a while ago and look at it. See how far you have come. I could say also the same about a friend of mine’s artwork. Dan Peyton. His artwork has and is continuing to get better each and every day. He practices it and works at it and it shows. From his first Bark cover to his second the difference is there.  The first cover is good, but the second one is better.

I see friends who have worked very hard and are now enjoying that reward. Melody Anne is at a writers conference in GA. And having the time of her life! She is a writer full time now and is a wonderful writer. I love seeing how far everyone has come and seeing how everyone has grown as writers. Seeing our writings prompted this blog because it finally showed just how far we had come. It’s hard to see your own progress but very easy to see other people and how far they have come. We can often feel like we are stuck in the same spot when actually we have been moving and growing all along.

Dan is having a book launch for his second Bark book and he has so much help this time around. He has friends who are willing to help him and want to see him succeed. I have seen some of the prizes he is going to be offering for it and man are they awesome! I hope that everyone stops by and congratulate him on a job well done. It would mean a lot to him.   

Of all the jobs I have done, I can honestly say I love this one the most. I love the learning, the challenges, the growth we have seen in ourselves and others. This is the one that I stick with and keep working at in hopes of someday doing exactly what Melody Anne and Martin Crosbie and others who have made it. That is being a full time writer and enjoying the benefits of it! So look out world because Charlie and Wendy have set a goal and are going after it!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bud Hassard

There is someone on facebook who is my inspiration to write this blog today. His name is Bud Hazzard-Hassard. I don't know much about him except from what I have read on his writings and his facebook posts. He wrote a post today that really got me to thinking. He is a minister so yes he is good at what he does. He gets you to thinking.
Bud has lived a life most of us could never dream of. He has served in the armed forces been over seas and been a leader of men. He is married and now with him being a minister he is still a leader. He tends to his flock and now his flock is growing on facebook too. Does he preach at us? no. He talks to us and connects with us. today he mentioned about feelings and how we as artists can't possibly share an emotion we haven't ourselves felt. here is his post.

 "Authors can only emote love when they are filled with love. They can only emote fear when they themselves feel the fear. They can only emote the pain, when they again, feel the pain. Poets or Story Tellers can never touch the emotions, the hearts, of their readers if they themselves are not touched." ~AWH

All artists withdraw from their emotional bank those feelings once experienced in times of joy, pain, fear or love. No more than the theater, that is in acting, is that true; but this truth is not confined to theater. The painter who puts brush to canvas, the singer who belts out a song, a violinist who pours out his/her soul in performance and yes, the writer who reaches into the myriad of former experiences to pour out their hearts via pen and paper. We can not be bankrupt of feelings and expect to emote to others in our writing.

A great writer must be moved by the experiences of others as well. Empathy is the highway of a writer to allow their emotions to be stirred. If a writer is feeling "flat" or "not inspired" then get involved in the lives of others via their stories or their current circumstances. Research for a novelist is not just about facts. It is much more than that. It is about humanity. I've read that a good author is a good people watcher. I purport that a great author is a people empathizer. They not only watch the people and how they behave when emotionally stirred, but they also feel that emotion with the people. Empathy can not be taught, it is something within sensing something felt by others. Only when an artist can be in touch with the emotions of others, can they effectively emote to others.
and he wrote here as well on
Bud Hazzard-Hassard As a minister, I would ask someone who was down in the dumps to assist me in helping others. In the process of refocusing their attention to helping others they find themselves rising above their doldrums. I'm not talking about clinical depression; but rather those times when the weight of our challenges overwhelm us. I would suggest that for the day, they should leave those burdens at the cross of Christ and help me help someone else.

Their problems were still there at the cross when they came back, but somehow, they seemed lighter to carry. is a great place to help others and in doing so, find our load a little lighter to carry.

There is a reason Kim requires that we help others BEFORE we try to promote ourselves.

Luke 6:38 "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."
Write ON!! Kodas
His words are there to read and to feel. They get me to thinking. I have empathy for all man kind. Sometimes I get tired though. I have given and given without ever thinking of getting anything back until I myself felt I had nothing left to give.
I pray constantly and daily. Do I get down in the dumps? yes, I fight depression daily. I show a cheerful person and do my best to help make others happy. Bud's words touched me in the same way as a friend's once did. She told me I have two choices in this old life. I can let my past make me bitter or I can put a smile on my face and help make others happy.
I chose to help make others happy. Even though I could be filled with doubts and pain. I give of my time from my heart. Do I always succeed in showing the happy face? No. but I keep trying and pick myself up and go again. There is a bible saying, Give and yea shall receive. I don't know that I believe it for myself. The receiving part. But I have given.
I have seen it happen where someone gives and receives 10 fold. I believe it happens for others and I have seen it happen for others. I look forward to reading Bud's writings because he touches my soul and gets me to thinking. Thank you Bud for your wisdom and your prayers. God certainly knew what he was doing when he touched you to spread his word.
So if you get a chance to meet Mr. Bud Hassard say hi to him and talk to him. He isn't your typical minister. He is a real down to earth person who has lived life. Maybe you do believe in God, maybe not. He will talk to you no matter your faith or religion.
As writers we are often filled with doubts and fears. We wonder if we are good enough if we have what it takes. Are we just wasting our time, money and resources on something that will never happen? I don't know the answer but I do know we are a better person because we do go after our dreams. Just as its better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. The same can be said of dreams. It is better to have taken a chance on a dream then never to have tried at all. At the very least we can at least say we tried.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Exciting Adventure!

We now have three published works! The first in a series of books, and two short stories that were entered into a contest.

To date we have three stories done and are working on book two of Kai's Journey. We have finished the story line and are now editing the book! Dan Peyton has drawn up a picture of Freya the dragon and Kai for the cover. We don't have a background yet but will soon. The beta readers are busily reading the second book so we can finish the editing portion before we send it off to the publishers! Here is a picture of what Dan has done so far on Kai's Journey Two, A new Beginning.
We are so thrilled with the way it has turned out! Now we just need to give it a beautiful background that Rebbekah White did on the first one and we will be off and running again! I am still doing what I can to get us out there. looking for places to be interviewed. We still do a few interviews, just not as many as we did before. I look forward to finishing the second book and seeing what the final cover looks like.
We are also currently working on a few other titles as well. My story that are basically about the kids when they were young called "Lost" and another called, "The Cimera Effect" and a new one called "Minitour". The latest one is really taking a life of its own and it is tentatively titled, "The Fallen Angel". If anyone is interested in interviews, we are more then happy to be interviewed! Stay tuned for more updates!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prioitizing life

Well, today I think I have been doing a lot of soul searching and thinking. I have been pushing so hard trying to get our book out there and noticed that my family is getting neglected. Our writing stories are getting neglected. I just wanted too much to have Charlie's book be the success I know it can be.


My daughter is going to see her uncle for the last time. He is dying. And I can't be there with her. My husband on his last visit to the Dr. for his diabetes checkup had the EKG put on him due to an "irregular heart beat." Still don't have the results on that. My middle son is going through a pretty rough patch right now and there is only one me. I am working to help pay bills and keep caught up. I am trying to get caught up on things at home that have been neglected. Hence why I take flex when offered. I'm trying to do too much I think. It’s up to me to promote, to get reviews and blah blah blah. I think I am going to have to take a step back and just figure out what is important. My family is the most important to me. Bar none.


I found out this weekend that a friend on Facebook is possibly going to be homeless in a couple of months. Another young lady said pretty much the same. I want to help them but don't have the means or the knowledge of how to do that. It’s frustrating to feel so helpless. So many people with the same dreams of becoming "writers" and what ever that entails to each person. Many will think we are chasing a pipe dream by trying to become authors. We are frittering our lives away. The thought has crossed my mind.


I just want to help but there is only so much time in the day and only one me. I'm supposed to sit back and enjoy the fact that the book is finally "out there" again. I also get told not to sit back on our laurels thinking that things will take care of themselves. That readers will magically find our books.


I think I will just have to pull back, regroup, and figure out what is important and what isn't. Trim back what I am wasting time on and just do what we need to do. I think we just need to focus on the books we are writing and editing and let the promoting thing handle itself. Put effort where it will be most productive. I just don't have the time to schmooze online any more. I don't have the time to socialize and help everyone else sell their books. I will still promote where I can, but just not in the large quantities I have before. Am I dumping Facebook? No, not completely, just having to pull back and regroup. Family comes first, So if you don't see me on as much or hear from me or see me much anymore that will be why. Not giving up, just prioritizing.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our Interview with Lynne Cantwell!

What was the driving force that started you on the journey to write this book? 
For Annealed, the driving force was finishing the series!  I wanted very much to do a credible job in bringing Naomi’s story to a close.  That included being extra careful with the Big Mediation.  I realized sometime during the drafting of the third book, Tapped, that I was actually going to have to write the mediation scene. The thought of actually having to craft a discussion between Jehovah and White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman was more than a little intimidating.
Are you organized or do you write as you go?
A little of both.  For this series, I’ve been writing a rough outline for each book, mainly so that I can keep everything within the series arc.  But the characters sometimes go off on their own tangents, as characters are wont to do, and if it fits my overall plan, I leave it in.
How much time and research was spent in the writing of this book?
Probably four months, from starting the research until making the final edits and publishing it.  But because it’s the final book of five, I relied a fair amount on research that I’d already done for the earlier books.
Who is your favorite author and how did they inspire you to write?
My favorite author is Stephen R. Donaldson, who wrote The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever.  I was writing long before I ever read any of his books.  But what I took away from his work was a sense that fantasy can be very much an adult genre, with a deep psychological basis.  I do try to incorporate that kind of thing into my own work, although I still strive to be entertaining -- it’s not all deep Freudian or Jungian stuff.
It’s easy to see that you have a passion for writing but is there any part of it you don’t like?
In terms of writing/editing/publishing, no.  I mean, I complain a lot when it comes to wrestling with the various Meatgrinders, but I can’t think of any part of the process that I dread.  The only part I don’t really like -- or at least, I’m not sure I’m all that good at it -- is marketing my work.
Do you make time to read and if you do what are you reading right now?
Yes! I’m always reading something, and over the past year or so, I’ve been reading a lot of work by my fellow indie authors.  Right now, I’m reading the first “Allie’s War” book by J.C. Andrijeski.
How did you come up with the idea to write this book?  Is there personal life experience in the writing?
Not directly.  I’ve been sort of studying my “heritage” mythologies, if you will, over the past few years, and all of my novels so far have had some connection to a myth or legend in one of my own hearth cultures.  But none of the characters or events in the Pipe Woman Chronicles is based on something that actually happened to me.
Many books are going the indie publishing route; Do you see the publishing industry headed this way? Or do you think the tried and true will win out?
Publishing is certainly undergoing a profound change right now, as a result of the indie revolution.  What fascinates me is how the big publishers can’t seem to grok what’s going on.  They appear to believe that vanity publishing and the indie revolution are the same thing -- and they’re not.  Author Solutions and the other vanity publishers have as much to do with indie publishing as does a guy pushing a pyramid scheme with his mark: both the grifter and the vanity publisher might fool you and take your money -- once.
Do you have any online sites where others can read more of your writings?
Absolutely.  I blog every Sunday at  I also write a weekly post for Indies Unlimited, and a monthly post for The Indie Exchange.
Do you have any more stories in the works? What kinds of stories do you plan to write next?
I’m still working this out, but I have a feeling that it will be another fantasy series, and it will probably be set a few years after the end of the Pipe Woman Chronicles.
Who would be your first choice to play narrator of your book if it were ever to become a documentary?
My first choice would be Linda Ellerbee, just because I think she’s awesome.  But if she’s not available, I’d be happy to do it myself.
If you could meet anyone from any time, who would it be and what would be your first question?
These kinds of questions always stump me.  I’m not really the sort of person who looks backward in history, other than to draw lessons from it.  I think it would be more fun to meet, say, Naomi, and ask her what she thought of the way I told her story.  (With any luck, she wouldn’t whack me over the head with a two-by-four....)

Pipe Woman Chronicles – series synopsis

The winter solstice 2012 won't be the end of the world. It will be the beginning of the end....

Naomi has a pretty sweet life. Respected as a skilled mediator, she has an almost uncanny knack for getting people on both sides of a dispute to agree. And her handsome boyfriend Brock has just proposed to her. But a white buffalo calf is bowing to her in her dreams. And who is the Native American man who has been following her around?

Naomi doesn’t know it, but things are about to change.


Naomi’s having a bad week. She’s already overwhelmed by setting up her solo mediation practice and second-guessing her relationship with Joseph. An old acquaintance seems to be setting up shop down the road from their friend Charlie’s ranch. And Charlie has a new pal: a filmmaker who might be the Investigator – except that he doesn’t exactly believe in teamwork.

Then a jaguar attacks her in downtown Denver


Ah, winter in South Dakota…

Naomi’s caught some kind of bug, and she hasn’t seen Joseph in weeks. But she lets Shannon drag her on vacation: a road trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to find Naomi’s father. There, they find more than they bargained for: a dream wolf, a mysterious walled compound that might or might not belong to Loki, and a lot of snow.

Shannon certainly knows how to show a friend a good time.


Denial is not just a river in Egypt…

Naomi Witherspoon, back home in Denver after her “vacation” in South Dakota, has amassed a catalog of things she doesn’t want to think about. Her due date is just around the corner, but she has yet to buy a single diaper – let alone look for a bigger place for her, her boyfriend Joseph, and the baby. Speaking of housing problems, Joseph’s grandfather is in failing health and needs to move out of his wickiup, but the old man won’t budge. Naomi and Joseph may have found a replacement for their woo-woo teammate/nemesis Jack in TV reporter Antonia Greco – but Antonia comes with her own set of problems, not least of which is that she’s dating Naomi’s ex-fiance, Brock. Meanwhile, Jack has escaped from the Mexican drug lord who owns him, and the thugs sent to find him aren’t above roughing people up.

Best of all, Naomi hasn’t shared any of this with her mother, who wants to sell her house in Indiana and move to Colorado.


It’s zero hour…

Naomi has just two weeks to find a new home for Joseph's grandfather. The old Ute shaman is fighting for his life against a mysterious injection of toxin he received at the hands of the Norse Trickster god Loki. If Naomi is to defeat Loki once and for all, she must learn what it is he seeks under the old man's wickiup.
She has just one week before she must mediate between the Earth's pagan gods and goddesses and the Christian God. If her efforts fail, all of humankind will suffer the consequences.
And her baby is due any day.

In this, the fifth and final book of the Pipe Woman Chronicles, Naomi is in a race against the clock to balance the demands of her body, her family, and her friends – and she must do it while the whole world is watching.