Friday, November 23, 2012

America's Next Author contest

Well week 7 is just about done and we are rolling around to the last week of the 8 week contest. Its been a long, grueling roller coaster ride of ups and downs. for the last few weeks mostly downs. But its also been a learning experience as well.  I have learned that sometimes no matter how much you ask, bug, beg and plead you can only get so far in the likes and reviews. I have some really great friends who have stuck with me through the whole contest and have helped spread the word for me week after week. I was posting 3 to 4 times a day every day for the first several weeks. steadily going down each week. The last couple of weeks due to getting a new job, I haven't been able to do it as much. I have learned people on-line will help total strangers get a few more votes or a new review.

I have learned that its not such a scary thing to submit to a contest and possibly not win too. I have always been afraid to submit because I never felt like I had talent enough to do it. There are some really amazing writers out there. I never felt in their league. Too many years of being told you will never be good enough for anything let alone a writer. My son is who got me started on the path and to think, that maybe, just maybe I might be good enough to tell a story or two and actually have people like it. My son had a dream of becoming a published author. I have had people tell us we are uneducated, that we aren't teachers, or professors or someone with an alphabet behind our names. We couldnt possibly think of ever being published. We aren't professional editors, writers, journalists or even have an associates on arts.

When I joined the contest I thought, its a new contest, I am a new writer. What the heck. The worst that could happen is I could come in dead last. But I thought it was a really good way to test my mettle and see if I have what it takes. I guess in a couple of weeks when all the top 12 have been chosen we will see then if I am among them or not. I hope I am, but have severe doubts at this point in the game. I will submit next year if they have a second contest. I have really enjoyed the contest and the competition! it was something I won't soon forget. So if you think you aren't good enough to write, or don't have what it takes, submit to a contest and find out. Whats the worst that could happen?