Friday, May 25, 2012

Imagination! its a good thing, right?


A friend mentioned I should blog about my imagination. I thought, hey that sounds like a good idea! But then I have always had a very good, very vivid imagination. Most people would say, "That's a good thing!" For a writer, yes, for coming up with stories on the fly for my kids, yes. For people who say, I wear womens clothes and they are definately male, NO! lol, for those who say, "Just imagine them walking down the street in a moo moo and a thong." Please no! Because my mind will and does come up with a very good snap shot of that is unfortunately in color and everything! You can see how this can and often does go down hill very quickly.

Therefore I can be found giggling at thoughts that randomly run through my head because of conversations over heard or snippets of a conversation that probably wasn't bad to hear the whole thing, but since you only heard part of it, could easily become bad. It does. I like my imagination for the most part. It helps me to picture people who are written in books and stories. I see them, I don't just read the words. Thats how I know its a good book. When I start reading it and its like in the old days and the film starts. Anyone remember those old movie reels we had in school? You fed the film through the projector and the sound it made when it was running before the music or credits started? That sound. I hear it when a good book really has my attention.

When I told stories, people who I didn't even know, would listen. I would be sitting in the Dr.'s office and just talking to a friend explaining a movie I had seen. I would be so into it and describing it, its like I am watching it again right before my eyes. when I pause, I suddenly see that others are actually listening to me! It kinda scared me. I was young then. But now it doesn't bother me.

Can my imagination get me into trouble?  yes, it can. I usually manage to get myself out very nicely though. Maybe thats why I am always day dreaming of this or that. I dream of becoming a famous author along with my son. I dream of leaving my mark on the world. Though I am not sure how yet. I have always dreamed of winning the lottery. Yeah, I am one of those fools too. I always dream of being successful at so many things.  I think, I can do this. My imagination can see me doing it. So I try it. But then reality sometimes steps in and lets me know. Nope, not for you. I guess I haven't grown up yet.

I remember in the movie "Uncle Buck" about him saying he is glad his niece has an imagination. I loved that movie. Growing up books were my escape from my life. I could become anyone else I wanted to be. I could be the heroine in a book or just the observer in a scene. I wasn't me any more. I was hoping this blog would be a bit wilder and crazy. But I guess I am just not that wild any more! ha ha ha. In person I can get silly around friends and family. But here, Its my thoughts and dreams. I am still picturing Raymond as a woman, and trust me, the image in my mind isn't pretty! lol, I picture Raymond as a rugged man who is strong and sure of who he is. Tonight when he jokingly said he was a woman too, my imagination went crazy and put a dress on him! I think Severus Snape looked better in Nevil Longbottom's grandma's dress then Raymond did! lol. Sorry Raymond. You asked for it!
So there you go, I have a very vivid imagination so be careful what you say around me, because if  I have an image of you in my mind and you mess with that image, it may not be pretty! lol.

I hope everyone has a great Weekend and remember the reason for Memorial Weekend! thank a soldier who has served or is serving now. Remember those who have passed on. Take care and be safe!