Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What would I do if we became rediculously rich!

I saw a post on facebook in regards to what you would do if you became as rich as J.K. Rowling. What would you do with the money? I saw someone else say they were inspired to write about it too. I began to think, like most would I suppose, what would I do? I think the first thing would be is obviously, pay off all the bills. second thing would be the normal, house, not too big and not too small, I still have to clean it.
I would do what I have always wanted to do,  would be able to afford to do. I would start my own publishing company and help new and indie authors who are in far flung places get published. Help with editing and book covers and everything. I know of quite a few people I would employ to help with it too. Create a company that employed people and helped others get there too. I would use Kim Mutch Emerson's motto of helping each other and promoting each other. Not just helping with the book aspects but with life in general. I have seen authors who went from unknowns to stars over night and didn't know how to handle it. No one was there to show them the way. The took her, used her for the book and then cast her aside. I would make sure that didn't happen. I would be sure to coach every person on the pitfalls and some of the things to watch out for. There is room for all writers, There are so many good stories out there that the general population just doesn't get exposed to. I guess it would be like walking into the worlds largest library and trying to find one book in particular but you don't know the title or the author.
I see so many good writers, marketers, editors and people trying to get a break in the publishing world. I would put myself and my son through college to get the education we would need to be able to say, yes we have an education we aren't just wanna be's. We have a degree to back us. I don't know if this is what the other authors would have done, because I couldn't find the link back again! This is what I would do though. I would help others realize their dreams. One person at a time.