Friday, January 25, 2013

How much time is too much time?

I have been working on trying to figure out how much time is too much time on the internet. I know we need to keep our presence out there and keep our name popping up in all the right places. But how much time is too much time? when are we spending so much time on the internet that we are forgetting to live a life as well? I have done the whole from waking moment to bed time working on the internet just to get our name out there. I had a surgery and was off for a while. It was amazing how fast our name dropped from people's memories. We had quite a few who did remember us and missed us. But the vast majority forgot us.

I have had to rebuild that platform and try and get our name back out there. I must admit it hasn't been with the same vigor I did during those first 9 months or so. I have drawn back and tried to spend time with my family and tried to be there more for my friends. I have helped others who have said the same thing. They just got burned out and needed a break. I told a good friend you just need to find a balance. Where you are spending some time on the net but you are also living your life.

I know we need to be all and everywhere to get our name out there but we are one person and only have so much time in a day. Even if we all work together it still isn't enough. Our name stays in the same circles. We might jump from group to group but still we find the same people in those groups. So what is the answer? I just read an article on Siggy Buckley's blog, Writer's Get Together in where Alex Lukeman gave some very sage advice on how much time you should spend on the internet. Finally someone has come up with a livable answer! I have been trying to keep our name out there, edit our book and do things that most say are places we need to keep our name into. As I had stated in the previous post, I am in a contest as well. Learning more information and how to better utilize the internet. Again, I find myself spending more and more time on the internet to try and keep up with all the places and things going on. Once again, I find myself spending from morning until night on the internet and not living my life. Not writing when I should be, not editing when I should be.

I have even drawn up a daily writing schedule, just like a work schedule. You know what? I stick to it about as well as I do the limiting my time on the internet! It just doesn't work so far. I would love to have the fortitude that Cassidy Frazee has and his dedication to writing so much every night. But as of yet, I don't. So are you thinking no one else has these issues? I am living proof, many of us do. I am sure I'm not the only one here who has let life interfere or the internet interfere with the work you know you should be doing. I will be going back to work soon and will really have to budget my time even more. I will be limited on how much time I will have to be on the internet period. When you are a cashier, you don't have access to the net. So to conclude, I dont' have any answers yet on how to better manage my time and myself but I am looking and exploring that very subject. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment. What has worked for you in finding your schedule? What in your life works the best at motivating you to do what you need to do?