Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I have joined a contest!

I have joined the first season of "Writer's Got Talent" contest with Bruce Goldwell as the sponsor. His contest is not a popularity contest but one that stretches your limits as an indie author in marketing, promoting and how best to utilize the internet. He has weekly challenges that we are to do and be judged on by readers, fans and viewers alike. We have so far, managed to stay in the contest so far. Each week we have been judged on things such as book cover, book description, and you tube video.
This week, however we have been judged on something very foreign to me called a Press Release. We had to do it on a site called PRLog. its a place where you have to have a domain name, you can't have a freebee email. So, I ventured into the unknown world of Go Daddy.com and signed up for our first domain name. having never done it before, it was a bit nerve wracking! lol Then after getting that all set up, only took an hour, I went to PRLog and signed up there to post a press release announcing about the contest and Kai's Journey in general. It was to be like a news article and not an advertisement or commercial. I have never done one. Ever! After much hair pulling and reading and seeing how others had done theirs, I finally came up with something I felt was passable. On to PRLog to post! It only took another hour to get signed up for the site and get it posted! but as of this writing I have had a total of  199 hits in just over 8 hours. Thats not too shabby for someone who has no idea what she is doing or how to do it! here is where you can see the Press Release, http://www.prlog.org/12064362-writers-got-talent-and-kais-journey-needs-you.html

I have and am learning so much from this contest. Mr. Bruce Goldwell has been teaching the indie authors how to get exposure, how to best utilize services on the internet and how to reach the readers! This contest is like no other I have ever seen, heard of or joined in on. The first contest I did, was basically a popularity contest, this one is a contest to not only promote the author but to let the voters get in on a chance at free books. Its a win win situation all the way around. If you get a chance to join in on the next round of competition please do so. It starts on March 15th and can be found at this site, www.WritersGotTalent.com. He also has a facebook site that you can follow the contest on at http://on.fb.me/WrzYCn. If you would really like to sink your teeth into a contest that helps you learn new skills and new ways to market your book to the best of your ability then please go sign up for the contest Writer's Got Talent. You won't be disappointed. maybe a few hairs shorter then you were at the start, but trust me, its worth your time and frustration to do it! so give it a try and see if you can be the winner of the next contest of Writer's Got Talent, season 2!