Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our interview with Jonathan and David Bennett!

 Jonathan                                                                                                  David

                                                        Be Popular Now!

 It was our greatest pleasure to be contacted by Jonathan and David to interview them! They are twin brothers who have taken this journey together to write this book. They are both teachers and enjoy helping others! It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Jonathan and David!

1.    What was the driving force that started you and your brother David on the journey to write this book that would help others?  


We had both gotten into some serious ruts around the time we hit thirty years old. And, we both decided we had to break out. We began to research positive affirmations and explored the science behind them. Then, we started thinking about what really drove us as individuals, trying to find our core essence. We discovered that our calling in life was really to bless others and make their lives better. We did this by being attractive to them: making them laugh, listening to them, meeting their needs, etc. And, being attractive to lots of people is...popularity! Our lives completely changed. It was like an awakening (for lack of a better term).


2.    As far as the writing goes who does what in the writing of the story? Are you two organized or do you write as you go?

One of us typically does the actual writing of the entire book. In the case of Be Popular, Jonathan was the primary writer. Yet, we both give creative input, feedback, and help with editing. We share the credit because we came up with the foundational ideas as a team anyway.


3.    How much time and research was spent in the writing of this book?

We spent around two years researching the techniques in the book. Basically, we looked at the scientific theory behind attraction, mainly by studying evolutionary biology and brain science. Yes, attraction is actually grounded in science! While humans “being human” can always throw a wrench in any conventional system, we feel our research has allowed us to speak in generalities about what men and women find attractive. It also allows us to help those who aren’t coming across as attractive, but who want to meet somebody special.  

4.    Who is your favorite author and how did they inspire you to write?

David and I (Jonathan) really like David Hawkins and Richard Bandler. They aren’t the most mainstream, but they both taught me some major lessons. Hawkins in his book “Power Vs. Force” really helped me discover what constituted the genuine power of individuals like Mother Teresa, what helped them change the world. Bandler, the co-founder of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), taught me a lot about words and how to influence others. Popularity is ultimately about influence using words.

5.    It’s easy to see that you have a passion for writing but is there any part of it you don’t like?


We both enjoy writing when we’re in the flow with good ideas and helpful stories. However, there are times when it just seems difficult to express what is really in our heads. That can be frustrating. Usually it works itself out because of our teamwork: we discuss it and find a solution.


6.    Do you make time to read and if you do what are you reading right now?


Reading is very important to us and, in spite of being very busy, we still read frequently. We’re both reading Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf and Siddhartha right now. Those are some amazing books. They’re not just entertaining, but life changing. Hesse, we believe, really “gets” the nature of life.


7.    How did you come up with the idea to write this book?  Is there personal life experience in the writing?


Since we had our “awakening” a few years ago, we realized how much more fun and amazing life had become. And, we’d spread this joy to the world. We’d literally walk into a coffee shop for five minutes and leave with two new friends. We were making people laugh and creating a sense of fun and meaning wherever we went. We had such fun, we believed we needed to share these tips with the world, so that every guy could benefit. We believe these tips make men better, which, in turn, makes those around them better: wife, kids, friends, community, and culture.


8.    Your book has been published with Theta Hill Press, a company you and David started, and is available on Amazon; Does this mean you see the publishing industry headed this way?

We decided to start our own publishing company for a couple of reasons. First, we knew that in the current climate, first time writers pretty much do their own promotion, but still make a small cut of the profits. We figured we might as well do all the work and make more of the cut. Plus, we wanted to have some control. We started a publishing company because we are already business partners and think in those terms. So, we saw it as the logical step.

I don’t necessarily think the industry is heading in this direction, but I think it would be a good thing if it did. There are a lot of great books that would never have made it to print if not for self-publishing. It’s great those stories and ideas have made it to the world. Amazon has democratized the publishing process. While that’s led to a lot of bad books, it’s also led to some gems that never would’ve seen the light of day at a traditional publisher.


9.    Do you have any online sites where others can read more of your writings?

Our main sites are http://thepopularman.com/and http://thepopularteen.com/ and they are great examples of our writing.

10.Do you have any more stories in the works? What kinds of stories do you plan to write next?

We are releasing a teen popularity book around June. It’s focused on helping young people with confidence. As teachers, we both saw the dynamics of popularity, success (or lack of it), and bullying. We hope to help teens gain confidence, stand up to bullies, and lay a foundation for adult success. We think our book will be the answer to the problems of frustrated teens and their equally frustrated parents. We are also in the early stages of producing a book specifically focused on romantic attraction, dating, and relationships; David is working as the primary author on that one.

11.Who would be your first choice to play narrator of your book if it were ever to become a documentary?


I (Jonathan) think Morgan Freeman. I like him as an actor and I think he has the perfect voice.


12.If you could meet anyone from any time who would it be and what would be your first question?

I (Jonathan) would love to meet Alexander the Great, the young man who conquered most of his known world by the age of 33. I would hope to pick his brain to learn about charisma and leadership.