Thursday, July 18, 2013

How far we have come.

I found a very good example of how far we have come as writers. I dug up one of Charlie's stories from the beginning of our adventure and the difference in the writing between then and now! All I have to say is, wow! I read through the story line and could hear Kim Mutch Emerson in my head asking me questions such as, "who in their right mind would get out of their car to help a werewolf?" "When did they talk about that?" and my favorite one, "Show the action, don't tell it."  Believe me, no disrespect to Kim what so ever meant by these statements. She has helped us tremendously. I have all these voices in my head; Kim’s voice is helping us to write better, Charlie and his voice of telling the story. But I looked back and saw really just how far we have come.

 I encourage all who have been at this for a while to go back to a story they started a while ago and look at it. See how far you have come. I could say also the same about a friend of mine’s artwork. Dan Peyton. His artwork has and is continuing to get better each and every day. He practices it and works at it and it shows. From his first Bark cover to his second the difference is there.  The first cover is good, but the second one is better.

I see friends who have worked very hard and are now enjoying that reward. Melody Anne is at a writers conference in GA. And having the time of her life! She is a writer full time now and is a wonderful writer. I love seeing how far everyone has come and seeing how everyone has grown as writers. Seeing our writings prompted this blog because it finally showed just how far we had come. It’s hard to see your own progress but very easy to see other people and how far they have come. We can often feel like we are stuck in the same spot when actually we have been moving and growing all along.

Dan is having a book launch for his second Bark book and he has so much help this time around. He has friends who are willing to help him and want to see him succeed. I have seen some of the prizes he is going to be offering for it and man are they awesome! I hope that everyone stops by and congratulate him on a job well done. It would mean a lot to him.   

Of all the jobs I have done, I can honestly say I love this one the most. I love the learning, the challenges, the growth we have seen in ourselves and others. This is the one that I stick with and keep working at in hopes of someday doing exactly what Melody Anne and Martin Crosbie and others who have made it. That is being a full time writer and enjoying the benefits of it! So look out world because Charlie and Wendy have set a goal and are going after it!

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