Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why we chose our werewolves

All throughout history, Hollywood movies and literature werewolves are always portrayed as blood thirsty killers who kill anything and everything in their path. We did our research looking at the origins of werewolves, the folk lore from England to early American old wives tales. Did you know you could tell if a human was a werewolf if they had a uni brow? or an excessive amount of hair on their chest and back? Thats just one of the tales we heard. There is also mythology of a blend where if you wear the pelt of a wolf you can change into a wolf but that is a skin walker. Not the same thing. But some liken it to being a werewolf just the same.

We decided since we loved wolves and they were such graceful creatures we wanted to do something that hadn't really been done before. We wanted a werewolf who could not only transform into a werewolf but control it as well. The person had the ability to be a human, a werewolf and also a wolf as well. The nice thing about fantasy and fiction you can tweek it to work how ever is best for your story. The person could still be bitten to be turned or born a werewolf. They had perfect control over themselves and knew who and what they were doing.

We still had it where even in an apocolyptic world they still kept their identities a secret and didn't go blabbing all over the place. Humans are still humans and often times kill or experiment on what they don't understand.

There is a disease called Hypertrichosis (werewolf syndrom) where the body grows an excessive amount of hair all over the body. There are varying degrees of it, from localized to all over the body. It can either manifest itself at birth or show up in later years. We didn't want to indicate that this was the reasoning behind our werewolves.
Due to our werewolves being a different species and there genetic code being different from humans they were immune to the zombie virus. They can still be killed but due to the zombie virus being man made and only for human genetics, it doesn't affect a werewolf. They can still be killed but not turned into a werewolf. We just liked that idea much better when talking about fantasy and our story.
So if you are interested in doing a story and changing up an age old myth or wives tale, do your homework, and see if it is possible to come at it from a different angle or a new idea. So get creative and find new ideas and new stories to tell!