Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Childhood Memories with Natalie Star!

                                        Childhood Memories – I have so many!

I used to be a imaginative child, so maybe that’s why I can write paranormal and feel okay in doing so.

I used to have an imaginary playmate. I’m sure I drove my mother nuts with him. I don’t remember what he looked like; I only remember it as a “him”. His name was Doomus. I don’t know where or how I came up with that name, but I believe we had a dog by that name too, whether it was before or after my playmate I don’t recall. What I do remember is that his “house” was an exact replica of mine, but it was upside down on my ceiling. I could look up and see his as a mirror image, and he was usually doing what I was, just above me. Except when we ate, played games, or left the house he came down to join me.

I remember once we were trying to cross a busy four lane road to go eat dinner at a local pizza place. When traffic was finally clear my mom tried to get me to cross and I wouldn’t. She was upset with me and asked why I wouldn’t go. I said, “Doomus wasn’t ready, and I didn’t want him to get run over.”

A favorite of mine is when my mom tells a story of when I was young and I got a bottle of soy sauce (the kind that comes out in spurts when you shake it), and I got on top of my bed and jumped up and down with the bottle open. It spurted all over my ceiling and when my parents found me they had no idea what it was all over the place. My father stuck his finger in it to smell it then he tasted it (brave move). They eventually found the empty bottle under my bed where I stashed it, and that identified what was all over my room. I don’t remember the fallout from that, but I do know I blamed it on Doomus. You see, Doomus was the trouble maker in my family, not me!

Thanks for stopping by to read my guest blog, I hope you enjoyed it and have many days jumping on your bed -minus the soy sauce! (Can you imagine how much fun that must have been?)

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