Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Exciting Adventure!

We now have three published works! The first in a series of books, and two short stories that were entered into a contest.

To date we have three stories done and are working on book two of Kai's Journey. We have finished the story line and are now editing the book! Dan Peyton has drawn up a picture of Freya the dragon and Kai for the cover. We don't have a background yet but will soon. The beta readers are busily reading the second book so we can finish the editing portion before we send it off to the publishers! Here is a picture of what Dan has done so far on Kai's Journey Two, A new Beginning.
We are so thrilled with the way it has turned out! Now we just need to give it a beautiful background that Rebbekah White did on the first one and we will be off and running again! I am still doing what I can to get us out there. looking for places to be interviewed. We still do a few interviews, just not as many as we did before. I look forward to finishing the second book and seeing what the final cover looks like.
We are also currently working on a few other titles as well. My story that are basically about the kids when they were young called "Lost" and another called, "The Cimera Effect" and a new one called "Minitour". The latest one is really taking a life of its own and it is tentatively titled, "The Fallen Angel". If anyone is interested in interviews, we are more then happy to be interviewed! Stay tuned for more updates!

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